one Banana Smoothie please| diy

Two words: Banana Smoothie.  

When I get home from work I am HUN-GRY!  I want to eat something right away, but I also want it to be healthy... And although I am super hungry, I am most definitely not ready for dinner.  My good friend Lina, the heiress to the I Love Boba franchise, shared this recipe with me, & it has changed my life.  

This recipe is easy to make, filling & tastes great!
The ingredients are simple:

 My mum & all her friends swear by a Vitamix, so we bought one last year.

I add all the ingredients into my Vitamix, EXCEPT the chia seeds.  I add the chia seeds directly to my glass.  I found that if I blend all the ingredients together, the chia seeds get stuck to the sides of my Vitamix. 

Banana Smoothie 3.JPG

After you've blended your ingredients for about 20-30 seconds, poor your drink into a tall glass, add your chia seeds, mix & enjoy!

Try it & tell me what you think!