Good Morning, Autumn

Again I say: Good Morning, Autumn.


Let me just say Fall in Oregon is beautiful. I remember my mom always pointing out the few changing trees in our neighborhood back in Los Angeles. I thought the leaves changing in California were pretty, but to see all the leaves change around you in Oregon, that is something else. Again, Autumn here is beautiful.


Noël and I go on walks almost everyday, so of course we see a ton of fallen autumn leaves on the ground. This toddler art project is simple with (in my opinion) beautiful results.

Materials: leaves, Sharpies, acrylic paint, paint brushes, water bowl, towels, paint pens, glue, paper

FIRST STEP - gather leaves!
Go on an exploration walk with your toddler. Pick up any (preferably whole) leaves. Pick leaves with stems, without stems, small, big, red, yellow, green, brown, red and yellow… (you get the picture). The more variety you have the better.

Next, lay your leaves out on a flat surface and place a few books on top to help flatten your leaves. I would wait a few days. We actually waited an entire week before using our leaves.

After you leaves are nicely flatten, set up a simple workspace. I decided to op out of my regular table cloth and use an old cardboard box instead. I figured the table cloth might damage the leaves and cardboard would provide a more sturdy surface to work on.

BEGINNERS PLEASE- Supervise Sharpies
Okay, I am so glad you are trying this out! I know, Sharpies?! Yes, Sharpies. Try it. Have your toddler wear a dark or old shirt if you’re afraid of stains. But as long as your your little one is being supervised, you will live. Give your toddler one color at a time. I even showed my daughter how to hold the leaf with her other hand so that the leaf would stay in place as she decorated. Let your little one use 2-5 colors on each leaf.


I decided I wanted to participate in the project as well. I love painting and honestly the color contrast is much more pleasing. If you have let your little one use a brush before, I would really encourage you to have them paint their leaves as well. I would pick 2-3 colors, preferably on the lighter side. I had Noël use off white, gold and light blue acrylic paint. Another alternative to paint and paint brushes for this particular project would be paint pens. You can use them like markers and they might give you more peace as you watch your child get excited over their masterpiece.


CHALLENGE ME- draw a picture, make a face
If you want to do this project with an older child, have them draw a picture or face or make a pattern on their leaf. I painted a few with patterns and made a cat head and little creature on a few of my leaves.

autumn cat

After you finish decorating your leaves (if it is painted let it dry first), glue your leaves to your choice of paper. I also decided to round the edges and cut my paper to frame the size of each leaf better.

Flatten your leaves one last time to ready them for display.


Then enjoy! Tape these masterpieces to your wall, hang them in a frame, add them to the refrigerator, make an autumn flag, turn them into cards.. Just make sure they are being enjoyed by your little one and others!


Pumpkin Art


It’s October!! Even before Noël was born I would paint a pumpkin every year. One year Benson even participated with me and we (more I) painted a Spiderman pumpkin! That being said, pumpkin painting is a tradition of mine, so you bet that is something I plan to do with Noël every year. Last year Noël was one, so she had a small pumpkin, we used sponges, and she only wore a diaper. This year, I let her do the real deal. She wore her regular clothes (I forgot to change her) and she got a regular sized pumpkin.

I let Noël pick all her colors and she had so much fun!


Materials: Pumpkin, acrylic paint, paint brushes/foam paint brushes, water bowl/cup, paper plates, paint pens , table cloth (shower curtain)

If this is your first time painting a pumpkin with your little one, yay! I am not going to lie, this particular project is a little more messy than others, but totally worth it. As you can see, I set up a shower curtain as our covering on the garage floor. I also placed a paper plate under the pumpkin (if your little one paints the entire pumpkin, this allows the pumpkin to dry normally on any surface).


1. If your little one is old enough to say colors, let them pick a few. This is another opportunity to reinforce color recognition.
2. Set up your supplies. Put water in your bowl, ready the paper towels, place the pumpkin on the paper plate, brace yourself.
3. (optional) Add painters tape first to your pumpkin and later you can pull it off to create a different type of abstract look. We added the tape at first, but ended up just leaving it on. I wouldn’t do this in the future.
4. Let your little one use one color at a time. I would also use separate plates for contrasting colors or else you will just get brown paint. For example I placed all the warm colors on one plate and all the cool colors on another plate
5. Help your toddler rotate his/her pumpkin so the paint can be distributed all around
*also, paint pens can be used for detail or if you prefer less mess!


Noël was so proud of her pumpkin. She points it out every time we come home. If you want ZERO mess, have your little one just add colorful washi tape to a pumpkin. I got Noël a small white pumpkin and she added some yellow and gold washi tape to it.


HAPPY FALL! (Please excuse Noël’s home clothes pajama set)