Inspiring Weaves


Our most recent stay in Portland, Oregon was at the lovely Hi-Lo Hotel, Autograph Collection.  If you enjoy home decor, I definitely suggest you stop by their lobby.  I found their modern and minimalist styling to be very inspiring.  One of my favorite pieces was of course the hanging wall weave.  It is rare to see a large hanging weave because that usually requires a larger loom (which is hard to come by) and a lot more material. I felt like this one was nicely done and without too much flare. A simple ombre and organized fringe made this piece a beautiful focal point of the room. 

My take home from this piece is: 
1. a two color wall weave IS interesting
2. I appreciate vertical organized fringe
3. the placement of this piece works (usually with a longer blank wall I would assume there would be a weave would run longer, east to west. But I believe this weave looks great in this space)

I think I should start weaving again.. here are some of my old weaves I did for fun