Meal Prep | Brussel Sprouts


My little one loves taking things in and out of bags. 
So I decided I could use this love during our meal prep. meal prep brussel

I am trying to make meal prepping with Noël part of our everyday activities.  It is in our daily schedule, but that doesn't always mean it will work out.  I try to find at least one thing we can do together, like measuring out rice, breaking pasta or washing vegetables. 


This time Noël helped me move the Brussel Sprouts from the grocery bag to the cutting board to be cut.   After I cut the Brussel Sprouts, she moved them into the colander to be washed.  


We sat next to her kitchen during our meal prep.  I hope she will enjoy cooking as she gets older.  I like finding and trying new recipes, but cooking and especially baking is not something I am not particularly good at.  Unfortunately, my baby girl has quiet a few allergies :( so for now we are becoming especially comfortable in our kitchen.  


Benson was able to capture this sweet moment of Noël and me working together. 

Do you meal prep or cook together at home?  Tell me about your adventures!