just an art teacher who wants to create things with her daughter

Dear Friends,

This is still my photoblog but I am starting new.  If you are interested in my old posts, here are my archives.  

I have been reflecting about what I share on my blog, and I tend to treat this blog as extended instagram posts.  I enjoy taking photos and sharing what I see, but I decided I wanted to showcase more creative projects.  I love exploring and creating things with my daughter and I want to better document our time and share some things we are doing together.  It isn't always easy for us to go out, so I am finding different ways to be creative at home.  Come along in our adventure of appreciating and creating art.  You will find my artwork and DIY projects, as well as things I do with Noël B.  Feel free to say hi or message me any thoughts, ideas, adventures you have with art and your little one.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Jaclyn Sue