I love art projects related to Christmas! Wreath making is the first Christmas project I do each year.

Christmas Wreath jaclynsue.com

This year Noël is old enough to understand what I am doing, so I incorporated gathering my wreath materials with an exploration walk. I let her collect things along the way to bring home. I think she got some pretty good stuff in her discovery basket, don’t you think?


Materials: wreath base (I got mine at dollar tree!), scissors/ trimmers, berries, leaves, pine cones, twigs, anything in nature you would like to add to your wreath, (optional: hot glue, wire)


1. Make all your foliage visible so you can see exactly what you have
2. Decide if you are going to have all your leaves going in one direction or if there is going to be a center and two different directions. Take the bigger branches to fill up your wreath first.
3. Start by tucking in branches to the base (later on you can glue or add wire to secure your branches)
4. Fill in the in between areas with smaller branches/berries/pine cones or even flowers!
*glue or add wire for security