Inspiring Weaves


Our most recent stay in Portland, Oregon was at the lovely Hi-Lo Hotel, Autograph Collection.  If you enjoy home decor, I definitely suggest you stop by their lobby.  I found their modern and minimalist styling to be very inspiring.  One of my favorite pieces was of course the hanging wall weave.  It is rare to see a large hanging weave because that usually requires a larger loom (which is hard to come by) and a lot more material. I felt like this one was nicely done and without too much flare. A simple ombre and organized fringe made this piece a beautiful focal point of the room. 

My take home from this piece is: 
1. a two color wall weave IS interesting
2. I appreciate vertical organized fringe
3. the placement of this piece works (usually with a longer blank wall I would assume there would be a weave would run longer, east to west. But I believe this weave looks great in this space)

I think I should start weaving again.. here are some of my old weaves I did for fun


diy| Rock Rings


This DIY project comes to you from Pasadena's Arroyo Seco Festival. The festival culture is definitely changing.  No longer is there just music, but now it kind of reminds me of a fair.  There are products being sold, the food is better (with a lot of choices), you can visit activity tents, see art installations, and kids, even babies are in attendance! 

I spent the first few hours of the festival by myself. I was able to move at my own pace, and just enjoy the moment.  During that time I stumbled upon an activity tent where festival attendees could make pouches, headbands, and different types of jewelry.  I decided to make myself some rings. 

This is probably one of my quickest and least thought out diy projects, but I loved the results!


Honestly, there is no wrong way to do this.  You can pick any rock/shell/crystal/bead of any size.  It is a statement piece, so I say the bulkier the better (:  
Materials: rings, wire, rocks/shells/crystals/beads, hot glue gun (optional), wire pliers (optional) 


1. Pick an object for your ring (any rock, crystal, bead, shell, etc. be creative!) 
2. Place the object/stone on top of the ring pad
3. (optional) Glue stone to ring pad
4. Wrap wire around stone and ring pad for security
5. Cut excess wire and tuck or wrap leftover wire behind stone


I enjoyed my rings the rest of the festival and got to take them home as a small souvenir 


Patty came and joined me after work.  As much as I love alone time it is always better to experience life with loved ones.  I'm glad we could share this California day together.  Soon these will be rare and few. 


Bottle | Take 1 t1sensorybottle1

WE USED GLITTER! I prefer "adventurous" instead of "crazy" ahaha  

A couple of months ago I saw these Season Sensory/Discovery Bottles on another blog.  I loved the idea and I just had to do something like this with Noël.  Of course when I typed "sensory bottle" into Pinterest an endless list of DIY bottle ideas appeared.  I still love the seasons discovery bottles, but I am going to save that idea for a later time. 

I'm calling this post Take 1.  Today we kept it simple with shiny glitter and a few streamers.  


FIRST TRY bottle one
Noël is pretty good about not putting things into her mouth.  I would also say she is on the neater side, so I decided to be adventurous and let her use glitter.  I know the use of glitter can be frowned upon with young ones, but looking back now I do not regret it.  She did a great job.  We did a thorough wipe down and clean up after, so I would say overall this was pretty successful.  If you are a little more hesitant about your young one, beads or legos work nicely.  I also think adding a few streamers showed some extra movement inside.  
Materials: Voss bottles (suggested, but any water bottle will do), clear glue (glitter glue), warm water, chopstick, superglue
Your choice materials: beads, legos, buttons, rice, glitter, streamers, rocks, waterbeads, sand, etc. 


1. Fill 1/3rd bottle with warm water
2.Add 1/4th of glue bottle to warm water, stir with chopstick
3.Add material (we used different colored glitter and gold streamers) 
4.Fill the rest of bottle with warm water
5.Super glue lid shut


I told Noël B the water was hot, so be careful. She proceeded to blow into the bottle to cool it down (: 

IMG_5810.JPG bottle1 1
IMG_5817.JPG bottle1 2 bottle1 3

What do you think?  There are so many more sensory bottles ideas.  I'm deciding if we should do color focus bottles or an ispy next. 


Art Presentation


In art, presentation matters. A simple mat, border, frame, or even lamination goes a long way (especially in kids art). ap1.JPG

Not every piece can be framed and some projects are better as cards or hung with a thumbtack on daddy's office wall. So adding a simple border really makes a toddler's abstract piece look more purposeful and even professional. 

Here is Noël B's mixed media art piece for this year's Father's Day. She used watercolor and crayons. Her choice of colors, of course! ap2.JPG

To recreate Noël's Father's Day frame- we used black cardstock paper and measured a 3/4" border around her mixed media art piece, everything is held together with glue stick 

Meal Prep | Brussel Sprouts


My little one loves taking things in and out of bags. 
So I decided I could use this love during our meal prep. meal prep brussel

I am trying to make meal prepping with Noël part of our everyday activities.  It is in our daily schedule, but that doesn't always mean it will work out.  I try to find at least one thing we can do together, like measuring out rice, breaking pasta or washing vegetables. 


This time Noël helped me move the Brussel Sprouts from the grocery bag to the cutting board to be cut.   After I cut the Brussel Sprouts, she moved them into the colander to be washed.  


We sat next to her kitchen during our meal prep.  I hope she will enjoy cooking as she gets older.  I like finding and trying new recipes, but cooking and especially baking is not something I am not particularly good at.  Unfortunately, my baby girl has quiet a few allergies :( so for now we are becoming especially comfortable in our kitchen.  


Benson was able to capture this sweet moment of Noël and me working together. 

Do you meal prep or cook together at home?  Tell me about your adventures! 


Beginners Paint


I am so excited to share my love of art with my daughter and now you!

For some reason paint has the reputation of being the most "artsy" art medium.   
And as an art teacher I could not wait to let my little one paint. 

Now mamas, don't be afraid of paint. Actually, painting with a toddler doesn't have to be scary at all! I love painting with Noël.  She wears her normal clothes and it's awesome to see her face light up when she sees her creation. 

For those of you who would like to try this at home.  Here are three awesome ways you can paint with your child.

FIRST STEP: So this is your first time buying art materials
Materials: water, jar/bowl (I prefer something heavier or lower and with more surface area.  This helps minimize spills), towel (you/something will get wet), construction paper, variety pack paint brushes (allow your child to try out different size brushes)
No Real Mess- Okay, so this is your first time painting with your young one. If you're worried about the mess, don't. Start off with painting water. Cheap construction paper absorbs water wonderfully. You will see a contrast in color and guess what?! Your worse spill will be of water! Which in my opinion is the best kind of spill.

GO FOR IT: Do it!
Materials: water, towel, variety pack paint brushes, any light colored paper (your young one is exploring.  no need to buy expensive watercolor paper), watercolor palette
If you have watercolors or tempera paint lying around at home, go for it. A watercolor palette alone is just beautiful to look at. Best of all, a cake watercolor palette is dry until activated by water!  So if your a little nervous, give your little one a dry brush and dry palette to play with before adding water.

ADVENTUROUS:  Try something new?
I love liquid watercolor. If you are afraid of spills, keep a close eye on your child.. but liquid watercolor guarantees color every time the brush is dipped.

So what do you think? Share with me your painting experiences.  I'd love to hear them! 



just an art teacher who wants to create things with her daughter

Dear Friends,

This is still my photoblog but I am starting new.  If you are interested in my old posts, here are my archives.  

I have been reflecting about what I share on my blog, and I tend to treat this blog as extended instagram posts.  I enjoy taking photos and sharing what I see, but I decided I wanted to showcase more creative projects.  I love exploring and creating things with my daughter and I want to better document our time and share some things we are doing together.  It isn't always easy for us to go out, so I am finding different ways to be creative at home.  Come along in our adventure of appreciating and creating art.  You will find my artwork and DIY projects, as well as things I do with Noël B.  Feel free to say hi or message me any thoughts, ideas, adventures you have with art and your little one.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Jaclyn Sue