Disneyland- Anaheim, CA

January 1, 2018 Noël B went to Disneyland for the first time and loved it!


Before we even entered the park I had Noël try on some Mickey ears.  I really wanted to buy her a hat with her name embroidered on it and my hope was that she would wear it throughout the day. She did (: 


Oh Yeah, we wore matching Mickey tees! We also have matching white high top Converses, but Noël just outgrew hers, so just the tees..


12 hours.  It was a good day

Pumpkin Painting| diy

Another Mommy & Me crafts day! 

jsue pumpkin 7.png
jsue pumpkin 8.png
jsue pumpkin 9.png
jsue pumpkin 10.png

We took a bath after all this.. 

What a beautiful mess. 

Things Learned: No tape necessary.  I thought tape would be a great add to our painted pumpkin.  Ideally it would give nice clean abstract lines, but my one year old was so good at taping I think we overwhelmed our pumpkin with tape. After we removed the tape, there was barely any paint left.  Note for next time- no tape. It looked beautiful and abstract without the tape. 


I decided that we need to add more color since all the tape had most of the paint.  We added pom poms and washi tape. I helped Noël B use a glue stick to attach the pom poms.

jsue pumpkin 6.png
jsue pumpkin 5.JPG
jsue pumpkin4.JPG
jsue pumpkin 3IMG_7211.JPG

A pretty good first time

jsue pumpkin 1.JPG
jsue pumpkin 2.JPG