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A "Mummy & Me" Project  
My mum is super hip! She bought some air plants online for a home decor project.  Now, this awesome piece is part of our wall gallery.  Do you like?

jaclynsue.com WP1
jaclynsue.com WP2

Air Plants , Drift Wood (Check your local beach or search "drift wood" on Etsy,  I saw a lot of options), Scissors, Fishing Line/Nylon String, (Optional: Moss

1. Tie Fishing Line:  Wrap & tie the fishing line tight around the drift wood.  Then cut the loose ends. 
I used fishing line instead of glue so I could remove my plants easily for watering. FYI: I used 7 different strings to help hold up my 5 air plants
2. Insert Air Plants:  Place air plants in the natural drift wood crevasses. 
I used the fishing line to help hold parts of the plant down.  NOTE: the entire plant does not need to be "glued" to the piece of wood. Choose leaves that naturally fall closer to the wood to place under the fishing line. 

jaclynsue.com WP3.png
jaclynsue.com WP3

3. Optional// Add Moss:  I decided not to add moss.  Moss would need to be glued down, and that would make it more difficult to remove later for watering.  Aesthetically though, it does add a platform for the air plants.  

Good Luck!  Maybe, I should sell.. 

jaclynsue.com WP5