Table Beautification | diy TBDIY1

This was a leftover side table from Jonnyboy's college apartment.  I have some mixed feelings about Spanish Cedar wood- it is a little too red for my taste... but we needed a table, so thank you Jonnyboy (: 


-One 2oz bottle of Acrylic Paint (I used Vanilla)
-Paint brushes 
-Paint palette 
-Clear sealant TBDIY2 TBDIY3

First, you will want to make sure the table is clean.  (Since I was not planning to paint the entire table I opt out of sanding and adding a primer.)   I decided to paint a mandala.  That was actually the last lesson I taught my students before summer & I thought the mandala design would make a perfect accent for the table top.  Plus, I love a good bohemian look. TBDIY4

I used a ruler to draw two lines, forming an X, from corner to corner.  Then, I lightly marked the center with a pencil.  Now, I get impatient when it comes to getting out my ideas.  And since I have drawn many mandalas before I decided to free hand my table.  If you feel confident, I say: DO IT TOO! But if not, I found this site that allows you to print mandala designs.  Use this site as a guide but honestly, try to create a pattern on your own!

Also, the beauty about acrylic paint from a bottle, is that while the paint is still in liquid form you could do a quick wipe on any mistake and it is gone!  

Start creating your mandala from the center and move outward.  I walked around the table to make sure I created each side as even as possible.  

Lastly, I added a small design on the sides of the table & then painted on my sealant. 

Ta-da! Let me know what you think!  Also, share with me your mandala designs; I'd love to see them!!