Plant Pockets- Helpful Hints | diy

Elizabeth found this DIY project for us to tackle on Design Love Fest.  The directions seemed simple and the supplies were easy to get, but as we were creating our plant pockets, we discovered some easier ways to complete this project.  

This is not a "normal" DIY post, instead it is more of a "helpful hints" page.  Please read how to create your own original plant pocket on Design Love Fest first, then read my site for some helpful pointers.  Have fun!

Original Supplies List: 
• Air dry clay (we used Crayola)
• Rolling pin
• Canvas about 18 x 24 inches
• Exacto blade
• Ceramic pin tool (available at art and craft stores)
• Sandpaper
• Craft or spray paint
• Tissue paper or newsprint and drawing paper
• Small sponge

My Supplies List: 
- Air Dry Clay (use Michael's 40% coupon ) 
- Rolling Pin
-Cutting Board
-Exacto Knife/Blade
-Newspaper & paper
-Acrylic Paint


1. Elizabeth decided to make the same circular pocket as Design Love Fest, but I wanted to try something different.  I made hearts.  

2. Instead of canvas, we used a cutting board.  A cutting board is more accessible and it served the same purpose. 

3. A ceramic pin tool is definitely not necessary.  Use your Exacto knife instead to score the edges where your two pieces will meet to form the pocket. 

4. Wet your finger instead of a sponge to help the coil stick to the other piece of clay

5. Be careful.  When you attach the second piece, use your fingers to help structure the pocket.  It is actually kind of flimsy and could crack, rip or dry weird. 

6. Use a pencil (eraser side) instead of a ceramic pin tool to puncture a hole for a future nail

7. Lastly, paint the outside layer to leave a smooth finish

Hopefully I was able to give you a few helpful tips.  Let me know if you decide to do this DIY as well.  I'd love to compare notes (: 
P.S. Don't you think my final products are fitting for a little girl's room?