Alt-J / triangles are my favorite shape

I've been waiting to see Alt-J all summer!  I have been super swamped with work, so this was a nice break. 

Alt-J is definitely a different kind of sound.  Most of the time I have no idea what they are saying.  Only at the chorus when the beat slows down, some phrases become clear.  

Before the show Lina and I were trying to sing our favorite songs however, it was impossible for the other person to guess.  I can play the song so clearly in my head, but when I try to produce the same sounds it is impossible to tell what I am singing. 

We had fun seeing Alt-J at the Hollywood Bowl. But I am definitely getting old.  I had to sit down during the show and knocked out right when I got home. As my students would say, YOLO!

Here are some of my favorite tracks by Alt-J: 
Dissolve Me
Every Other Freckle